Monday, May 30, 2016
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This site can be used by any OHRLCA member for notices or announcements relating to the membership. The Board is for OHRLCA events taking place in the state, postal or other awards, 25th or 50th or other anniversaries, 75th or other birthdays, births and such, retirement, leave sharing, route vehicle sales, etc. It is only for general announcements and is not meant for personal comments. We reserve the right to edit as needed. Posted items here may or may not be included in the state paper depending on content and space available.

National Delegate Ballot Please Black the Barcode

If you have mailed your National Delegate Ballot  and have received it back. Please black out the bar code on the reverse of the envelope.  Please black out only the bar code, your name and address must be readable to verify your eligibility to cast the ballot
If you have not mailed your ballot yet, before returning your National Delegate Ballot please black through the bar code which appears on the back side of the addressed envelope. Please only mark through the bar code.

OHRLCA 2016 State Convention

Doubletree Worthington
175 Hutchisson Ave
Columbus OH


Rooms available at hotel for $89/night + tax
Room rate includes breakfast for two.

Must make reservations prior to May 20, 2016 for the blocked rate.

*Ask for In House Reservtions for the Ohio Rural Carriers Room Block.


Convention Banquet

OHRLCA Boots, Blue Jeans and Bonnets Banquet Reservations

FOR MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016 6:00 PM

 (No Banquet Tickets Sold At Convention.)


MAIL TO: Joyce Bower, 7456 County Road 107, Gibsonburg, OH 43431-9531

Delegates to the National Convention seeking your vote.

My name, Sandy Laramee, is on the ballot.  It would be an honor to represent you. I have attended 23 state and national conventions. I served as an OHRLCA Committeemen, VP and President.  I was an academy trainer and local steward for years at the Pickerington PO. I  was webmaster of OHRLCA web site for years and OHRLCA editor for three years. I am currently Secretary/Treasurer of District 6.

   I will use my experience to make wise choices for our collective future as a Union. I encourage you to participate in the democratic process, return your ballot.


My name is Jody Schuler, I feel I would be a strong delegate. I have over 20 years experience at the U.S.P.S and I'm currently a steward in the Northern Ohio District Area. It is important to me that our contract and other union issues are handled in a professional manner. As a delegate for the National I will consider all views with an objective attitude. As your delegate I will work hard to meet all our needs. THANK YOU in advance. I would appreciate your vote.

My name is Penny Koren, I am asking for your vote to be elected as a delegate to the NRLCA National Convention in Nashville Tn.  I have served the Rural Carriers as a Local, Area and Assistant State Steward, Rural Carrier Academy Trainer, QWL/EI Member, Facilitator and DJSC Co-Chair.  I have served as your State Secretary for the past 5 years. I will use the 35 years of experience as a Rural Carrier to make the best choices, to benefit all Rural Carriers, on issues that are brought to the floor during the convention. I thank you for your vote.

I have been your Ohrlca State President  for the past two years.
Before that I came up  through the Steward System as a Local Steward, Area Steward, Assistant State Steward  and on the board as Committeeman and Vice President.

I have set goals for myself and the association for every year that you have elected me to serve you.
For  6 years I have been heavily involved in the political issues in our state and across the nation, convincing legislators to vote on important postal issues.
I would like your vote to represent you at the National Convention. Floyd Edler

     Hi, my name is Christine Bandsuh  given the opportunity to represent my fellow rural carriers at the National Convention this year would be a great privilege and honor .  I have been a carrier for thirteen years. In my time, I have seen many changes within the postal service. I would like to be our voice in the decisions that involve our livelihood.  As your national delegate, I will make perceptive choices on the issues that affect all of us because the choices we make determine our future!  Let your voice be heard and vote for your delegates today.


Board Meetings

Board Meeting   May 9-10, 2016   11:00 AM

Doubletree Worthington
175 Hutchison Ave
Columbus OH

Board Meeting June 10, 2016  11:00 AM

Doubletree Worthington
175 Hutchison Ave
Columbus OH

Board Meeting June 15, 2016  9:00 AM

Doubletree Worthington
175 Hutchison Ave
Columbus OH



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Upcoming Events

Tue Jun 07 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Constitution Changes and Resolutions Deadline
Fri Jun 10 @11:00AM -
Pre-Convention Board Meetin
Sat Jun 11 @ 9:00AM -
Board Meeting
Sat Jun 11 @11:00AM -
National Convention Ballot Tabulation
Sun Jun 12 @ 8:30AM -
2016 OHRLCA Convention
Mon Jun 13 @ 8:30AM -
2016 OHRLCA Convention
Tue Jun 14 @ 8:30AM -
2016 OHRLCA Convention
Wed Jun 15 @ 9:00AM -
Post Convention Board Meeting
Tue Aug 16 @ 9:00AM -
2016 NRLCA National Convention
Wed Aug 17 @ 9:00AM -
2016 NRLCA National Convention