Friday, February 12, 2016
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Ohio Valley District Representive


The Joint Statement on Violence And Behavior in The Workplace acknowledges that every employee at every level of the Postal Service should be treated at all times with dignity, respect and fairness and that there is no excuse for and will be no tolerance of violence or any threats of violence, intimidation, harassment, or bullying by anyone at any level of the Postal Service. This was signed on February 14, 1992 by all of the Unions including the League of Postmasters with the goal of making the workroom floor a safer, more harmonious and a productive place.  With that being said, unfortunately we have a few employees in the Postal Service that like to disrespect, belittle, threaten, or intimidate.                           

There are three types of a hostile workplace involving: #1 management towards the carrier, #2 the carrier towards management and #3 co-workers who do not get along. You can’t file a grievance against a fellow co-worker but you can file one against management for allowing it to continue on the workroom floor. In Case #3 you need to bring it to management attention and if they do nothing about it then file your grievance. Just remember that no one said you have to invite your fellow co-workers home for Thanksgiving dinner but it should at least be civil on the workroom floor. In case #2, if you are the one doing the screaming, bullying or threatening someone in the office then you can be walked off the workroom floor and face possible discipline including removal.                                                 

The most common case the stewards hear is case #1 in which management is creating a hostile workplace. We acknowledge that management has the right as your boss to give you directions and inform you of new office procedures. It doesn't mean we have to like their instructions   but they are the boss and generally we must follow their orders. (You can always grieve it later) For example, management is not creating a hostile work place if they inform you that a week from now your starting time will be pushed back an hour due to being unable to get the mail worked. (For the record, management does have the right to set your schedule) A hostile work place would be if management stated that since you filed that grievance asking to be paid for waiting time then I am going to show you who is the boss around here. I will make your starting time an hour later and if you file another grievance then I will make it 10:00 A.M. What management can’t do is yell, scream, threaten you such as "my way or the highway", make snide remarks, or belittle you in any way. There is no excuse for this type of behavior from management and the NRLCA will not tolerate this type of behavior. To win your case, the steward will need documentation such as date, time, location, who said what and if anyone heard what was said. Carriers do not be afraid to get involve if you see someone being treated badly. Write those statements. You, as the carrier, must file a grievance as the steward can’t do it for you. Once you have filed then the steward will investigate your grievance. If management retaliates then file another grievance. A paper trail needs to be created and this in returns strengthens your case.       .                                                           

Every spring I think about a city carrier that lived on my route and his untimely death due to a suicide. He was constantly picked on and harassed by his fellow co-workers and management did nothing. (These carriers picked on everyone in the office.) It got to the point that it became too much and he never did or said anything to anyone. Most mornings he greeted me with a smile but there were mornings you could tell he wasn’t happy. One day he did not report to work and management found him dead of an apparent suicide. He left a note in which he referenced the postal service. Don’t let this be you. Stand up for yourself and file that grievance.

                          RELIEF DAY WORK LIST                            

The next opportunity to sign up for the Relief Day Work List will be three weeks prior to the beginning of the first full pay period in May and will be effective the first full pay period in May (Article 8.5.A). With that being said you will be able to sign up for the RDWL from April 11, 2015 until April 24, 2015 and the new list will be effective May 2, 2015 (pay period 11). The new list will supersede the previous list and the rotation will start over. You may sign the list regardless of your route classification. Once an H route becomes a J or K route then he/she will be placed in the rotation. Signing the list is not an entitlement for working your relief day but it means you are willing to work your relief day as needed. On holiday weekends, management is not required to schedule a carrier on the RDWL before scheduling a carrier to work their scheduled holiday. Carriers on the RDWL can be skipped if they are in 2,080 hours, will exceed 56 hours in one week, on leave the day before or day after their relief day or when their assigned J-day falls on their turn to work in the rotation. Carriers on the RDWL will have the option of taking a DACA Code 3 which gives them 50% of their daily rate of pay plus receiving an X day to be used sometime in the next 12 weeks. A DACA Code 5 allows the carrier to take 150% of their daily rate of salary and they do not receive an X day.



The new route evaluations will take effect on April 18, 2015 and you should have received a copy of the 4241-A by that date. Parcels were up 20% in the District but flats were down. I want to assure you that your upper level stewards were in the plants. Mike Aitchison and I were both in the plants on the eve of mail count and Thursday and Friday nights at the conclusion of count in addition to many times during the count. Across the country stewards in every district were in every plant checking for mail flow. Stewards were out every Sunday and the holiday checking Amazon hubs to ensure that no parcel other than amazon was being delivered. In addition to the added plant and amazon hub tours, your stewards put in very long days answering phone calls as well as continuing to process your grievances. I want to thank Mike Aitchison, Randy Burger, Randy Anderson; Area Stewards: Phil Burnside, Dominic Crooks, Misty Gamerdinger,  Northern Ohio stewards: Delbert Hutchison, Susan Thayer, Chris McCoy, Tana Humphrey, Jason Zedaker along with all local stewards for their hard work during the 2015 National Mail Count.

 In conclusion, I say THANK YOU to each and every regular and relief rural carrier in the state of Ohio for doing a great job in delivering in the snow, ice and cold every day. I wish every carrier a Happy Easter and a wonderful spring season.

 Your Union Sister, Cathy Funderburgh


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